EUMAKERS PLA Filament Dark Brown 1.75mm - Made in Italy 1kg

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3D Printing PLA Dark Brown 1.75mm - Made in Italy 1kg

All EUMARKERS filaments are produced in Italy, respecting the highest standards of production and are manufactured with food grade materials.
For clean, smooth & reliable 3D printing, EUMAKER filaments are an excellent choice.
EUMAKER prides itself on not wasting materials and have developed a spool system that can be recycled and be used as a handy part around the house or office.
The idea arises from the will and the need to reduce waste. When the filament is over, the spool could be transformed into a coat hanger.

All filaments and spools are vacuum sealed to prevent damage from the environmental exposure. In the box you will find a zipper bag to store the filament when not in use.


  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Diameter Tolerance: ± 0,05 millimeters
  • Recommended Printing Temperature: 190-210°C
  • Recommended Printing Speed: 40-100 mm/s
  • It is recommended to use a heated print bed (not strictly necessary): 50-60°C
  • Color Information - RAL: 8007 - Hex: #623412


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