Artificial Life

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By Zeinab Arjah

Around the age of sixteen, poet Zeinab Arjah fell upon great emotional turmoil. She turned to religion and found comfort in her faith, but she also turned to the written word. She posted many of her verses online in the hopes of reaching other people facing similar troubles in an effort to say, “You are not alone".

Artificial Life, written over the course of two years, is a collection of her emotionally charged poetry. Each poem reveals a different level of darkness and sometimes light. Expressing good times or bad, her poems reverberate with the human condition, as we've all felt passion, love, friendship, and even the terrible pain of loss.

Her words are lyrical and filled with imagery. She speaks to the difficult reality of life and seeks to find hope even in the darkest of times. She bridges the gap between actuality and the realm of imagination, but even in the most fantastical of phrases, Arjah pursues the path of living a life filled with joy and peace.

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